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Apple Leak Exposes Expensive New iPhone

Apple Iphone

Apple will completely revamp its iPhone range. We even know the three new models, their significant price cuts and their screen sizes. But a new leak suggests Apple still has a major surprise up its sleeve…

Picked up by respected UK tech site T3, is an eye-opening glimpse into Apple’s 2018 iPhone production line and the revelation that Apple may be about to supersize one member of its overhauled iPhone X line-up at a cost.

With Apple previously thought to be focused on a trio of iPhone X-inspired designs measuring 5-inches (LCD display), 5.8-inches and 6.5-inches (both OLED displays), the new information states Apple is making a 6.1-inch OLED model. With both the 5.8-inch second generation iPhone X and all-new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus designs locked down, the jump to 6.1-inches would reignite talk Apple has U-turned on its budget iPhone X plans.

Apple Iphone

Originally expected to be a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X with a single rear camera to cut costs (plus an entry level, physically unchanged 4-inch iPhone SE update coming in June/July) it was still priced at an eye-watering $799. By contrast, the plans for a 5-inch iPhone X variant pegged the costs for a smaller device at just $550.

Furthermore, if correct, the news will be a blow to fans of smaller iPhones who hoped Apple was finally bringing flagship design back to small form factors (it’ll be iPhone SE gen 2 or bust for you). Of course, an upgrade from LCD to OLED would give a budget 6.1-inch iPhone X even more appeal but, despite its compromises elsewhere, it may also push up that initial $799 asking price even further.

Source – Forbes


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