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Amanda du-Pont bikini game is on point – pictures

Looking good seems to come easy for Amanda du-Pont, it’s like she woke up look fine. But what we don’t know is looking good especially in a bikini means spending lots of time on the treadmill or a lot of time in the gym.

However way she does it, Amanda du-Pont looks amazing in a bikini and we love every moment of it. We thought why not share these amazing bikini moments from the beautiful actress.

Amanda du-Pont in bikini
☀️🌅Cheers to the beach weekend 🥂🌴 @loungeswim

The interesting bit about Amanda is that she loves to travel and believe or not, these pictures were taken from different locations that she travelled to.

Amanda du-Pont in bikini
🏝⛰ A mission to get here, but you are worth it 😍

In one of the pictures Amanda du-Pont mentioned how difficult it was to organise the trip but all the same, she was happy to have travelled. Being well-travelled means seeing different cultures and enjoying different kinds of food.

Amanda du-Pont in bikini
🏝Floating Breakfast 🍳 @cocobayresort

Despite having all that food in front of her, the Netflix Original Actress still manages to look this good. I wonder what’s her secret…. She must spend loads of time in the gym to look this amazing…

Amanda du-Pont in bikini
I think I’m in love with my photographer 😍😂 @shawnrodriques
🏝 @cocobayresort

I wonder which is your favourite Amanda du-Pont Bikini  Moment? Tell us in comments.

In Other News – Are Scandal’s power couple Romeo and Ingrid now Married?

Scandal actors Hungani Ndlovu (Romeo) and Stephanie Sandows (Ingrid) are crazy about each other and aren’t scared to show it off. They are going to be our Cute Couple of the day and we love how they cuddle with each other. They are our favourite celeb couples and we love how they are not shy to show off their relationship.

Romeo and Ingrid

May God’s favour continue to flow in their life! The couple posted pictures on the Instagram accounts with the caption “Forever”. On the other picture, they are holding hands as a ceremony has just finished and on the other picture, he is putting a ring on it.

Not sure if it’s the fact that they are co-stars on Etv’s Scandal that makes these two lovebirds love so adorable but whatever it is, we love seeing it. Being absolutely in love with one another and not being afraid to show it must be one of the coolest things about love. Continue Reading

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