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New twist on Alph Lukau’s Elliot who died last week, his real name revealed

Brighton “Elliot” Moyo

Shocking details have emerged regarding a man who was allegedly ressucted for the dead by a South African based Pastor Alph Lukau in February at Alleluia Ministries Headquaters in Sandton South Africa.

Reports from Bulawayo’s tabloid B-Metro say that Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo’s real name is Thabiso Proud Mlanje.

The South African based 28 year-old man who was buried at his late father’s homestead in Dandanda Village in Lupane under Chief Mabhikwa had his relatives summoned by the police who revealed to them that he was wanted for fraud in connection with his “resurrection” back in South Africa

The family revealed that ‘Elliot’ had cause them grief after police started terrorizing them after the buried.

“We didn’t know that he had died and resurrected. Trouble started after the funeral because the police arraigned us and told us that he had been wanted for fraud,” said Thabiso’s father-in-law, Bernard Mayendayenda Sibanda.

Sibanda revealed that he had to deal with the police concerning Elliot’s resurrection drama and since he is dead he has to respond to questions he does not know of.

Brighton “Elliot” Moyo

Commenting on the incident Elliot’s grandmother Emily Moyo said, “I raised my grandson single handedly because both his parents died in Harare when he was young. I only managed to send him to Gegeme Primary School but he could not go further with his studies because of financial constraints. That is how he decided to go to South Africa to make a living. Now what pains me is that it’s been seven years since he went to South Africa and he had never set foot home or contacted me in those seven years. I only got to see him as a corpse. We buried him right next to his grandfather because when he was sick he kept telling his in-laws that he wants to lie next to his grandfather.”

Moyo revealed that Elliot was constantly vomiting blood before his death.

B-Metro reported that after he was resurrected he did not properly recover and was scared of the police case so whenever his wife Simelweyinkosi Sibanda took him to the hospital he would sneak out.

But his health kept on deteriorating so Simelweyinkosi then decided to bring him back home in Zimbabwe on 8 March.

On 1 April he was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital in Lupane. Unfortunately he died on 3 April and was buried on 5 April.

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