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City of CT to take the baboon management engagements to affected residents

Following its discussions on baboon management with other spheres of government last week, the City now intends to engage affected residents and businesses to discuss sustainable proposals for baboon management.

At last week’s meeting, a joint task team was established with representatives from SANParks, CapeNature, and the City to govern baboon management in the Cape Peninsula.

The City’s Urban Baboon Programme, managed by NCC Environmental Services comes to an end in June next year.

Forestry and Fisheries and Environmental Affairs Minister Barbara Creecy said the team would meet within the next two weeks to establish time lines and work on a Memorandum of Understanding before the programme expired.

In reviewing this programme the City said measures to keep baboons out of urban areas were unsustainable due to challenges which included growth in the baboon population among other.

The City said the review also found that community involvement and support were important to the success of the programme going forward. Moving forward the City has proposed amongst other things the establishment of Special Rating Areas in affected areas, improving law enforcement on waste management, education on baboon proofing, and awareness.

Simon’s Town concerned resident Robert de Vos said the long-term effective solution for both baboons and humans was the removal of all the “mountain baboons” to a new baboon-specific, secure, electric-fenced reserve in the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

“Whatever the City has proposed now is not going to work. The baboons are too many, innovative and cunning.

“Through the removal of baboons to a baboon-specific reserve, the scientist will be able to research the baboons, where the population will be kept in check by contraceptive means where their nutritional needs would be able to be catered for as they would be eating the fynbos their digestive system is used to.

“This will be beneficial for the baboons as they are being killed on the streets, by cars, are shot with pellet guns, and are being afflicted with human lifestyle diseases,” he said.

De Vos said SANParks would also be able to “monetise” the baboons through the Reserve.

Baboon Matters said it hoped for a good and effective transition for baboons and management of the baboon-human interface.

-Cape Argus

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