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Fezile Makhaya on how playing an abuser on The Queen affected him personally

Fezile Makhaya

After 16 years in the industry, actor Fezile Makhanya has finally bagged his first film role. The actor will play a computer geek Hack in locally produced action-thriller, Uncovered. Hack is a township boy who happened to be good with computers but he uses his skill in the wrong places,” he tells DRUM.

The movie is directed by award-winning director, Zuko Nodada and produced by Thandeka Nodada née Malinga. It stars Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Scandal’s Nqobile Khumalo, Dumisani Mbebe and Robert Hobbs.

It’s taken from a true story of the people of Richards Bay who were embroiled in a court battled with Somkhele Coal Mine to force it to halt its operations for health reasons. Mixed with a bit of fiction, the movie takes a different part to expose corruption and the burning issue of land where a mining magnate tries to sell the worthless mine to the people. Blood spills when Hack works with the lead actor, Aluta (played by Nqobile) to expose corruption.

Fezile Makhaya

“This is different from the roles I’ve played before. I really enjoyed playing Hack,” he says laughing. Unfortunately, he can’t say the same about his much-talked-about character in Mzansi Magic’s drama, The Queen.

Fezile who’s been appointed as the ambassador of Nedbank Ke Yona reveals that playing Kea’s (Dineo Moeketsi) abusive boyfriend was emotionally draining.

“It was too much for me because I am not an abusive person in any shape or form. That character was emotionally draining because I had to change moods like a chameleon changing its colours. He says that two months before he snatched the role his friend told him a story about a wealthy guy who was controlling and physically abusing his wife.

“The husband would go out partying and come back home with his one night-stands and ordered his wife to go sleep in the guest room while he slept with another woman on their bed.” Fezile says he had to use that to bring his character to life. “Even though I’ve never met the guy, I had a picture in my mind of how some wealthy men behave.

Fezile Makhaya

He also reveals that to step out of character was also the most difficult part for him. “I’d become angry and snappy for no reason. I had to remind myself that I was no longer on set. Although there are rumours that producers feel they shouldn’t have killed his character, it doesn’t look like he would take up the challenge once more.

Fezile Makhaya

“Some people still call me a dog when I meet them in the street because of the character. Even though I am grateful for the opportunity, I don’t know if I would like to go down that road again.” Let’s hope Hack’s character will make people understand that he is just acting.

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