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Photos: Isibaya actress Mampho Brescia (Iris) with her Husband of 15 years and their beautiful family

Mampho Brescia (Iris)

Iris from Isibaya is a character fans love to hate, one day they’re stanning Iris, the next they can’t stand Iris. It means the actress who plays her character, Mampho Brescia is doing a damn good job.

Mampho Brescia has been in the film industry for a while now, aside from being an actress, she is a television presenter, voice-over artist, and brand ambassador.

Before she took on the role of Iris she was on Jacob’s Cross on M-NET, where she played the role of Zanele.

Mampho Brescia (Iris)

Mampho Brescia is now more associated with the role of Iris by the fans and the actress admitted that fans sometimes call her Iris.

She said she loves playing the role in an interview with True Love Magazine

I love what I’m doing right now and I love Iris. I’m so happy Isibaya producers chose me to play her. I feel like I’m thriving in her skin. Iris is lots of fun and I have a lot of creative leverage in creating who she is. Many people call me Iris, even off-screen, and can’t differentiate between the character and the real me.

Mampho Brescia (Iris)

The actress is also winning at life with her beautiful family.

Mampho Brescia is married to Nicola Brescia.

Mampho and Nicola have been together for 15 years now since 2005.

She revealed that she met Nicola Brescia in a gym. He walked up to her and they started chatting. Mampho said she thought he was a potential stalker when he approached her but speaking to him, there was something about his spirit that made her connect to him immediately.

The actress gave him her number and he called, they went for a date and it just struck her that he was going to be her husband.

Mampho Brescia (Iris)

Mampho Brescia revealed to True Love Magazine that she’s head over heels in love with her husband saying he’s perfect for her.

My husband is damn close to being perfect. He loves me with a love that is ethereal. He is the one person that esteems me more than he does himself. His love for me is unmatched. He really is an incredible soul. Our love is alien-like. I call him my amore (meaning love in Italian). I have a tattoo written more on my arm, which I got while I was living in the US. I was missing him so much and decided to get it in honour of him.

They have are blessed with a daughter, Rain whom they adopted in 2016.

Mampho and Nicola Brescia recently took their daughter out for a picnic and hung out with friends.

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