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Acie Lumumba test positive for COVID-19

Acie Lumumba and an MDC A MP test positive for COVID-19. Lumumba confirmed he, and “a few members of my team” had tested Covid-19 positive. “Earlier today I tested positive for covid-19. A few members of my team have also tested positive,” he said.

ZANU PF activist and socialite Acie Lumumba and MDC Alliance MP for Mutasa Central, Trevor Saruwaka have announced that they have tested Covid-19 positive.

“Get vaccinated. The virus doesn’t move, people move. Stay at home. If we have been in contact in the last 14 days, please isolate and get tested.”

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance MP Saruwaka said: “Tested Covid 19+ today. Will be self-isolating here in Mbire (Mashonaland Central province) where I had come to see my ailing103-year-old maternal grandmother, who also tested (Covid-19) positive.

“I have never looked at myself as a private citizen hence my attitude towards freely sharing this information publicly. My hope is my experience is going to help more people understand the disease better.

“I got vaccinated on the 24th of February and completed my second jab on the 26th of March 2021. I never felt any side effects and although I have tested positive today I am not in any visible distress or discomfort. It was last week on Thursday that I felt some weakness that forced me to retire to be bed very early.

“I didn’t feel bad enough to seek treatment, currently I am feeling a slight cough, I’m now on medication. Will update as the days move on. My encouragement to all of you guys is to mask up, sanitise and vaccinate (because I think my lack of pain and discomfort is because of the jabs I got earlier in the year), said Saruwaka.

Source – NewZimbabwe

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