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5 Best Sparkling Wine Cocktail Recipes You Can Serve This Summer

Sparking Wines
Photo by Mel Maldonado-Turner on Unsplash

Sparkling wines are considered as the unique wines being crafted. It is because they are highly carbonated to produce a bubbly character when pouring into the glass. It is also described as a wine full of cheerfulness because it can serve any celebration. Any person seen toasting a Sparkling wine is full of happiness and enjoyment.

The availability of Sparkling wines in the market comes in large scales. There are many types of Sparkling wines you can choose, starting with dry, brut, semi-dry, up to the sweetest bottle. Each has its unique characteristics and delivers a perfect taste insider your palate. Some can even stay in your taste buds for so long allowing you to savour every drop of the Sparkling wine you are drinking.

One of the best characteristics that Sparkling wines possess in the ability to pair with numerous dishes. It can sustain food that is made with different ingredients. You can also use a bottle of Sparkling wine to use it as a main ingredient. It is why Most wine lovers love sparkling wines. Below are some Sparkling wine recipes you can serve this summer.

White Wine Sangria

It is one of the perfect cocktail blends you serve at any time of the day. We are now in the summer season, and it’s vital that we need refreshments and cocktails that help us maintain a relaxed mind. White wine Sangria is one sparkling wine cocktail made up of different citrus and alcoholic beverages that help freshen up our day.

You need a couple of ingredients to make this cocktail. You should get a bottle of crisp wine, dry sparkling wine, seedless grapes, which is unripe, apple, lemon, pear, and rum. All you have to do is to mix all ingredients in a big bowl. Make sure to stir thoroughly, so all the ingredients are mixed well. You can chill the Sangria for two hours as this tastes best when served chilled.

Blueberry And Earl Grey Tea Spritzer

It is another incredible Sparkling wine cocktail to prepare. It only takes around an hour and fifteen minutes to make this mix. You should get the needed ingredients like Earl Grey tea, blueberries, mint leaves, sugar, and sprigs. The Sparkling you need to prepare is pre-chilled and should come in the coldest temperature.

The preparation process is a bit intricate. The first thing you should do is to boil some water into the pan and our the Earl tea bags. Next, you should melt the sugar, and the mint leaves to make a flavour out of it. You need to extract the juice of blueberries to mix with your mixture — the final step in combining the compound with Sparkling wine. You can either serve it as chilled or directly pour it into the glass and enjoy drinking right away.

Papaya And Guava Mimosas

It’s the healthiest cocktail you can make out of Sparkling wine. It is suitable for those people who maintain a vegan or keto diet. It is also the perfect cocktail to drink when you want to retain excellent body shape. The nutrients you get from guava and papaya along with Sparkling wines will surely help you get that goal.

Prepare guava nectar, papaya nectar, diced papaya and guava, lime, and a bottle of Sparkling wine. All you have to do is to make four glasses of Mimosas by dividing papaya and guava nectar into four glasses. Pour the Sparkling wine label you like then add one spoon of the lime each. You can then add the dices of papaya and guava. Chill before serving or adding ice cubes will do.

Mango Bellini

It is one of the most simple Sparkling wine cocktails you can make. It is a no-sweat cocktail that only needs a few ounces of Sparkling wine probably you should get the Brut one. You should also get a completely fresh mango. You need to peel it and chopped or diced. Make sure that you get the sweetest mango so you can blend it perfectly with Brut Sparkling wine.

There are only two steps you should follow to make a refreshing Mango Bellini. Place the mango inside the blender and blend it very well. Make sure that it is smooth then slowly add the Sparkling wine.  Make a smoothie out of it. Pour mixture into the glass and serve it right away.

Vodka Grape Sparkler

It is a Sparkling wine cocktail recipe that can take your wine tasting experience to a whole new level. It is an easy cocktail recipe to make. You need to prepare the required ingredients like seedless red grapes, lemon juice, cold vodka, clover honey, and Sparkling wine. You should pick a Rose wine for his specific cocktail.

All you have to do is to blend all the solid ingredients first. Make sure that everything is smooth before you add vodka. Mix them very well and chill it for at least two hours. Add the Rose wine before serving to get the perfect taste of this cocktail.