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Khanyi Mbau and her new rich Zimbabwean lover go deeper

In one of her recent posts, she even asked ‘how to say good night in Shona?‘. Surely, love is in the air!

Khanyi Mbau could not be happier in love and the good sis has used passing the one year mark with her new bae to prepare South Ah- and the rest of the continent- for all the soft life couple goals that she and her boyfriend, Kudzai Terrence Mushonga, are going to give. But who could the couple, considering the new details that keep coming out about Mushonga- or as he was known before as Ndege Boy.

Reports on Mushonga have detailed the disappearance of the young Zimbabwean billionaire from social media over four years ago. At the time of his “disappearance” Mushonga was deemed one of Zimbabwe’s eligible bachelors and this was not due to his billionaire status, but due to the speculation that Ndege Boy is currently the youngest owner of an airline- which one you may ask?

Well, details on that matter are still iffy- but that might explain how the good sis was able to manage securing a private jet during the lockdown when others were struggling to put food on the table.

Khanyi Mbau

Following her reveal of her bae, Mbau is more than ready to paint the streets red with her bae and go on to Instagram to show us what exactly what money and youth provide. In a series of post, Khanyi took us on a night out with herself and Mushonga. The first flex was the fact that the two went on Porsche double dating. Mbau was sporting her yellow Porsche, which functioned as showing the middle finger in light of the allegations that her cars, including the yellow Porsche were repossessed due to her being the former Q.O.B (queen of bling) and the reason for her to downsize.

But our favourite kasi snob went on to showcase that despite having landed her biggest man-bag to date, that she is still as hood as ever. The two were part of a convoy that made its own party at an unnamed parking lot. While we cannot confirm that it was Mushonga behind the lens, we see Khanyi does what she does best- give us content as uses the parking lot as her dance floor. More than that she risks denting her Porsche as she dances on the hood of the car.

The last of her post on their time together was to share another doting post. The post served to affirm that the two can barely keep their hands off each other as they pose is slowly becoming their social media couple signature post.


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Nomvelo Makhanya

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