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Zambian police arrest opposition leader Sean Tembo

Zambian police have taken opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President, Sean Tembo, into custody on charges related to hate speech. Mr. Tembo is accused of posting inflammatory remarks on his Facebook page under the name “SEAN E. TEMBO.”

The arrest was made following Mr. Tembo’s failure to respond to a police call-out issued on October 23, according to Zambia Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale. The police reportedly attempted to contact Mr. Tembo’s legal representation but received no response, despite assurances that he would cooperate with law enforcement.

In their efforts to detain the opposition leader, police visited Mr. Tembo’s residence in the Ngwerere area yester morning. Mr. Tembo allegedly locked himself inside, prompting the officers to take action to gain entry and make the arrest.

In a separate incident, former Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale, who also serves as the Patriotic Front Copperbelt Province Chairperson, has been arrested in connection with seditious practices. Mr. Mwale is accused of posting an audio message on various social media platforms, instructing millers in the country to cease production of mealie meal for 30 days as a means to incite a revolt against the government.

This arrest of prominent figures has drawn mixed reactions, with some expressing concern about the state of human rights and justice in Zambia. Fred M’membe, in a statement, decried the alleged torture and mistreatment of Sean Tembo upon his arrest, stating that such actions should not be tolerated. Calls for justice and accountability have resonated in the wake of these developments.

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