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Zahara’s Belated Birthday Celebration

Zahara as a media personality is one of the most polarising personalities locally. Sometimes the public is on her side when she speaks on the alleged breakdown in her working relationship with TS Records and the monies she is allegedly owed by DJ Sbu and TK Nciza.

However, sometimes the public is less than sympathetic when it comes to the allegations that the Loliwe hitmaker might have a drinking problem that she needs to address. A fact which in the past, Zahara had initially suggested that her “alcohol” problem was only her drinking a bottle of wine alone.


But recently, it seemed that matters were looking up for the musician following allegations of her singing while intoxicated. A fact that the star denied vehemently suggesting that it was just a bad night for her vocally. Despite the public backlash, her personal life seemed on the up and up. From booking international gigs, an upcoming reality show, to revealing that she has found love again with her mystery man.

The past few months seemed like they were going well. A fact made all the better by the fact that on Tuesday, 8 November 2022, Zahara was celebrating her 34th birthday. But on social media, she opted to celebrate the milestone after the fact.


This is as it seems that Zahara waited over two weeks to actually commemorate the celebrations on social media as her official birthday post only came on Saturday, 26 November 2022. Who knows? Maybe like many employed South Africans Zahara was just waiting for her paycheck to clear on the 25th of the month. Whatever, the case might have been for the delay in the celebrations. It would seem that tweeps were not feeling what she was sharing as she celebrated her belated birthday.

Zahara’s belated birthday celebration a miss?

Taking to Twitter and not doing anything to celebrate her 34th birthday on Instagram, Zahara shared a video where she was finally able to celebrate her birthday with friend and fellow media personality Aaron Moloisi. The two seemed to have recently reunited after an undisclosed extended time.

For viewers, the video was touching as Zahara cuddled up with Moloisi, who was comforting her as she suggested that she did not enjoy her birthday nor did she have her birthday cake in anticipation of Moloisi’s visit. While the video was touching, the fact that Moloisi and Zahara are actually friends is a surprise that many did not see coming.

But it was a second birthday image which got a lot of people talking. Given how much the musician has stepped up her glam and makeup looks of late as seen through her multitude of posts.

Tweeps were less than forgiving when they saw her latest image which sees her in isiXhosa regalia and a face beat which seemed to have been applied on a foundation that was two or three shades light than what looks like Zahara’s actual complexion. It seems that tweeps would have been happier if Zahara had kept her birthday celebration photoshoot to herself.


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