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Big Hash apologizes to fans after disappointment

Big Hash apologizes to fans after disappointing them last week Friday.

The rapper promised to drop but failed and he’s sorry; he makes another promise to drop this coming Friday.

“To my fans, sorry for not releasing this past Friday…y’all don’t deserve that disappointment, but as a man, I’ll always put family over anything first. When I’m needed, I step up. I can’t go into detail about it right now, but this Friday, I’ll drop a 2 pack to make up for it,” he wrote.

Most fans accepted the apology, but a few are tired of his apologies and delay.

”Stop with the promises we vibe with your music fr, but you can’t keep on dissapointing us like this. Aries had the worst mixing and mastering ever, you promised niggas merch but you ain’t giving e’m and I’ll bet a thousand bucks now that hb hotel won’t live up to the hype,” a fan reacted.

In Other News – Trevor Gumbi celebrates 40 days without drinking alcohol

Trevor Gumbi celebrates his achievement of staying 40 days without consuming alcohol. The comedian announced on social media, saying he still has 46 days to go. However, he will be back to taking alcohol after breaking his fast.Trevor-Gumbi Today marks 40 days without consuming a single drop of liquor. 46 more days to go until I break my fast. It’s difficult, but I’m pretty smug so…learn more