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Boyfriend of Youtuber Zizo Bantsi who died while giving birth speaks out about the Baby

The untimely passing of Youtuber Zizo Bantsi, has left many fans in shock to the core and condolences continues to pour into her family.

Her passing was confirmed by her hubby Frost Legato, who said she passed on due to complications during the delivery of her child. Zizo was put into an induced coma but unfortunately, she did not make it.

The statement read, “During the night of 1st Oct into 2nd October, we lost our beloved, Zibo Bantsi. Zibo had given birth via C-section on 16th September 2020 to a healthy baby girl, Azha Nthati Bantsi who she leaves in the care of her partner and mother. Complications arose during the delivery and she was put into an induced coma of which she did not make it out. Thank you for your prayers, we understand that her life was public but in these times we ask for sensitivity and consideration. Continue to celebrate her and may her soul rest in peace. ‘see you soon’.”

Frost Legato and Zizo Bantsi

In a post, he shared on social media Frost, said what comforts him is that when her daughter wants to know her mom she will go on Youtube and see how amazing she was “The one thing that gives me some comfort is that when our little one wants to know her mummy all she has to do is get on YouTube and get to experience how amazing her mom was,” he shared.

Natsasha replied to his post and wrote “Feel every emotion, scream if you have to……WISHING you so much healing and strength to raise your babygirl. Gomotsega ngwana wa ko gae re go beile mo dithapelong.”

Arinyana wrote “I was thinking this maabane! Its soo sad but atleast she can hear her mums voice and see what a beautiful, carefree, loving, fun person she was! Also save em in a hardrive.”

Frost Legato and Zizo Bantsi

The lovebirds recently made a cute-gender reveal of their bundle of joy, confirming that they were expecting a baby girl. They posted a video on Youtube in hospital and the video begins with an ultra sound as they are being told that it’s a girl. Zibo is heard shouting in disbelief. “Are you serious? A girl? Wait, what? Oh my God, No ways!” Frost Legato said he was happy because he got what he wanted but Zizo wanted a boy but was happy regardless. Ever the romantic, Frost wanted his baby to look like his wife. “I hope she comes out looking like you,”.

The lovebirds were completely inseparable and their relationship left many inspired. The love they had was perfectly documented on social media and on Youtube.


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