Five ways to cure your hangover

It’s time to relax with friends and family or alone, as people will be getting some time off work for the festive holidays. And many will be having a drink or two to wind down.

Many people enjoy their alcohol, and that became evident with the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Now many will be binge-drinking during Christmas and New Year’s Eve and if you drink, you know the hangover that comes with that.

Cooper, a medical journalist from the UK, spoke to The Sun and gave her tips to cure a hangover.

“Typical hangover symptoms are primarily due to dehydration, stomach irritation, and low blood sugar levels. Dehydration is the main reason for dry mouth and headache while nausea and pain are down to stomach irritation,” she told the publication.

“There’s no hangover cure as such – only relief for some symptoms,” she added.

According to Dr Cooper, here are five ways that might help with your hangover:

1. Drink water

When you are consuming alcohol, be sure to also drink enough water. Dr Cooper advises that you drink the water even before the symptoms show. So make sure you drink some before heading to bed.

2. Take painkillers

Stock up on some painkillers because you might need them. “There’s evidence that alcohol also causes inflammation inside your head. So if your stomach can take it, consider anti-inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen.”

Don’t forget to have a bite to eat with your ibuprofen.

3. Eat carbohydrates

A carbohydrate-based snack boosts blood sugar levels. If you have fried food, be careful because it’s a bit greasy for a delicate stomach and can trigger heartburn.

4. Have some soup

“A thin vegetable (or beef) broth helps top up lost vitamins and minerals. “It’s light on the stomach and comforting to sip.”

5. Sleep it off

Christmas is often a big day for many families. While you might have exciting Boxing Day plans, staying in bed is always a good idea to stop your head from pounding.

-daily sun

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