XCOM Director Has Bad News for Fans of the Franchise

XCOM director Jake Solomon has said that he is not currently working on a new entry in the critically-acclaimed strategy game franchise. Jake Solomon and Firaxis revitalized the dormant XCOM franchise with XCOM: Enemy Unknown in 2012, which earned rave reviews, won numerous awards, and helped renew interest in the long-running series.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was followed up with a standalone expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, and XCOM 2, which similarly earned acclaim from fans and critics alike. Solomon served as director for XCOM 2, but his latest project was something completely unrelated to the popular franchise.

Jake Solomon

Solomon’s latest game was Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new turn-based tactics game based on Marvel comic book characters that didn’t earn quite the same level of praise as the XCOM games, but still earned mostly positive reviews when it launched last year.

Source: gamerant

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Battlefield 2042

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