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World’s first electric wingsuit reaches speeds of 290 km/h

Skydiving enthusiast Peter Salzmann has achieved the world’s first human flight powered by an electrified wingsuit, according to a CNET report.

Salzmann reached speeds of more than 290 kilometres per hour during the record-breaking flight. He teamed up with BMWi to design the propulsion system for the wingsuit, which is made up of two impellers and is fully electric.

The impellers are made of carbon fibre and powered by 50V lithium batteries. The system can produce thrust for up to five minutes, and Salzmann can control the throttle in flight with the middle and ring fingers on his left hand.

To avoid problems with lift and the parachute’s opening, the thrust system is mounted on the chest rather than on the back of the wingsuit. The system allows Salzmann to increase his speed and altitude while in flight. His inaugural flight in the electrified wingsuit was over a mountain range in Austria — Salzmann’s home country.

The flight was over three peaks — the last of which required Salzmann to generate thrust so he could clear it. It was impressive how much influence the system actually had,” Salzmann told CNET’s Andy Altman.

“I never thought that you’d really feel it that much.” I still get a big smile when I think about the first time when I switched it on,” Salzmann said.

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