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The real reason why more women are visiting str!p clubs

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Women are the most fascinating beings on the planet. This is the n@ked truth. Besides them being the nation bearers, they also have a mind of their own and this is evident in their s.e.xuality.

While many s.e.xologists have agreed that women crave and explore more when it comes to s.e.x, a recent study of the adult industry has shown that more women are visiting str!p clubs and adult shops.

According to the Tyee Publication, s.e.xual power – a special talent women have – could be one reason why so many frequently visit str!p clubs these days.

The publication further explains that another reason women visit str!p clubs might be their habit of competing with each other for the attention of men.

This could simply be an attempt to keep a watchful eye on their boyfriend’s or husband’s s.e.xual whereabouts.

One other popular reason women visit these places is for self-development.

One women told The Tyee magazine she wanted to prove she too can do what they do in those clubs.

“After my boyfriend cheated on me with a str!pper, I go to those clubs to prove I can also be a bad girl.”

According to one American survey, four in nine women have visited a str!p joint.

So, women, it seems instead of the gloves, the clothes are off.

-daily sun

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