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Video – Woman Sjamboks side chick


The attacker is dressed in church robes.

The victim is dressed in almost nothing.


The naked victim in the four-minute video is the laughing stock in Umlazi U section, south of Durban.

The video is trending on social media and shows the naked woman being given terrible hiding with a sjambok by a woman dressed in a long white dress normally associated with the Shembe church. The woman, [email protected] except for a pinkish bra, was apparently caught poking the attacker’s husband.

In the video, some women are seen laughing while the woman is being lashed with a sjambok. Others hold back the attacker, warning her she could go to jail.

The victim is visibly injured and the attacker’s church uniform has blood.

The attacker is heard saying: “They poked for over an hour. When I went inside they couldn’t even pick up the condoms.”

At one point the victim tries to justify her actions: “I was only drinking Savannah.”

[email protected]?” A woman asks.

“You sneak into her house and poke with her man when she’s in church. She’s a wife. You know very well that she’s married, but you poke with her man,” a voice is heard saying.

The video continues, with the attacker moering the victim with sjambok and fists. The woman tries to run and asks for help from neighbours, but the attacker follows her and the beating continues. The wife lifts up a big rock but is prevented from hitting the woman.

Daily Sun on Wednesday visited the area. When the SunTeam asked around at the container tuckshop that allegedly belongs to the attacker, the person in the shop said: “The woman who owns this shop is a member of the Zion church, not Shembe.”

A relative of the victim wouldn’t let Daily Sun speak to her.

“She’s sleeping and she doesn’t want to talk to you,” said a woman at the door.

Shembe spokesman Thokozani Mncwabe said: “A member from our church is not allowed to fight, let alone while wearing a church uniform. We’ll contact committees in U section and see how this person can be disciplined if she’s indeed a Shembe member.”

Colonel Thembeka Mbele said a complainant had said that on 28 July, at 8.25am, she was at Umlazi U section when she was assaulted by a known suspect with a sjambok.

“She sustained injuries to the body and head and was taken to hospital for medical attention.

“Umlazi police arrested a 25-year-old woman for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. She appeared in the Umlazi Magistrates Court on 31 July 2019.”

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