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Winnie Khumalo is sick and bedridden for almost 2 months now

Dance music queen Winnie Khumalo is allegedly under the weather.

Said the first source: “Winnie’s been stuck in her Protea Glen, Soweto, home due to the illness. This means she’s also been unable to perform.

Winnie Khumalo

 “We’re unsure what’s the matter as she was battling to walk at some point. But she’ll survive this. It’s sad that this happened at this critical point in her life, right after she’d just bounced back into the music industry.”

According to insiders, the Yile Gqom hitmaker has been bedridden for two months.

 The second source said it was sad that Winnie’s illness had anchored her to her bed.

This as the Yile Gqom hit, a collaboration with award-winning musician-turned-soccer agent DJ Cleo, is a runaway success.

“It’s a pity she had to stop going to gigs because of her swollen leg,” the source said.

“Winnie wanted to push her single with DJ Cleo.”


According to the source, Winnie was heartbroken but optimistic that she’d soon get back on her feet, literally, to complete her album in time for the festive season.

Winnie could not be reached for comment and also failed to respond to SMSes.

But this isn’t the first time that Winnie’s been bedridden.

In August 2015, Sunday Sun reported that she was nursing an illness at home after exhausting her medical-aid funds.

At the time, she told the SunTeam she was diagnosed with ulcers.

Early this year, it was reported that she was admitted to hospital after collapsing in studio while recording her latest hit, Yile Gqom.

A third source said: “I was with her last week. She is walking in crutches. Winnie is getting better by the day. She is better than the past two months where he couldn’t do anything for herself.”

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