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Ayanda Ncwane – Widows should be allowed to mourn however they want to

Nearly three years since her husband Sfiso Ncwane died, Ayanda Ncwane has opened up about the struggles that widows often face. After Sfiso’s death, Ayanda grew her career as a businesswoman and head of Ncwane Communications. This was tough for many to witness because, as she has previously said, they expected her to “die with her husband”.

Ayanda Ncwane

In a recent Instagram post, Ayanda Ncwane said that even after 25 years of “freedom” in South Africa, widowed women were still oppressed and unfairly treated by customary laws and some “unbearable culture”.

Ayanda Ncwane

“Till this day, many widowed women are still forced to wear inzilo (black mourning attire) for 12 good months, but widowed men can completely carry on with their lives after the burial of [his] wife,” she wrote.

Ayanda Ncwane

She said inzilo is “not a South African culture or tradition” and suggested that wearing it should be the choice of a widow, not an obligation.

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