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Sfiso Ncwane’s daughter is expecting her first child

Late award-winning gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane’s daughter is expecting! 21-year-old Snqobile Mzalemu is expected to give birth to her first girl child this week.

The popular gospel singer died at the age of 37 due to kidney failure in 2016. Speaking to Drum Snqobile said, “I wish my dad was around to see his first grandchild and the young adult that I have become.”

“But it’s okay, as long as his name still lives on through me. I know he is watching down on his children,” she adds.

Sfiso Ncwane

On Father’s Day, Snqobile visited Sfiso’s grave at Xala Kahle Ximba Cemetary in KwaZulu-Natal to announce her pregnancy to him.

“I had to officially tell him at his grave,” she explained.

“I know I’m still young and I’m not sure if he would have been happy to hear the news at first. But I know he would eventually warm up to his grandchild because my boyfriend’s family handled everything the traditional way.”

Snqbile says the father of her child paid damages for both her and the baby.
My boyfriend did the right thing and all that’s left is for me to give birth anytime now,” she adds.

In a previous interview with Drum Snqobile shared how sad she was that her father died before they could reconcile and Sfiso perhaps make up for having been an absent father while she was growing up.

Sfiso Ncwane

“Daddy, I forgive you. I just wish we spent more time together, fixed our relationship, and I wish we had a father-daughter relationship,” she said. Snqobile says the last time she spoke to him was in August 2016 and he died in December 2016.

“We were fighting. He was not happy that I exposed him. I hoped he’d eventually calm down so we could fix our relationship. I am at peace with everything,” she told Drum.

She went on to say that despite their fights, “The truth is that he loved me very much. I will remember him as someone who had a good heart. I know he was proud of me. At some point, he encouraged me to study hard, look after myself then he’d buy me a car, and I will lock his encouraging wise words in my heart,” she said.

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