Why you should not wear makeup everyday?

Makeup adds to confidence, especially well-applied makeup. You should wear makeup when and where you want, but there are times it is an absolutely bad idea to wear makeup no matter how tempting it is.

Here are five times you should avoid makeup at all costs.

1. Do not wear makeup when going to the swimming pool
Do not wear makeup when going to the swimming pool because the chlorine and bleach in the water mixes with makeup to cause breakouts and inflammation.

2. Do not wear makeup when going to the gym or exercising
I get that you want to look good when going to the gym, but when you wear foundation, it mixes with your sweat and clogs your skin, which causes acne.

3. When you are breaking out
When you have pimples or acne break out, you might be tempted to use makeup to cover it up, but that only makes it worse.

4. Do not wear makeup when you are cleaning the house
Avoid makeup when you are doing some cleaning this is because the dirt and germs in the environment will mix and fall on your face.

5. After microneedling or laser hair removal
Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure for people who are scared of ageing. Certain injections are used to stimulate protein formation that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. You should avoid makeup after such a procedure so the skin can heal.

If you use lasers to remove hair from your face, wait a while before you start applying makeup because your skin is soft and fragile.

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