Here are the 5 types of Umkhaba (big belly) and what they mean

Big bellies, aka umkhaba, have sadly become the norm among human beings. According to 2021 global statistics, 13% of adults are obese.

Furthermore, 39% of adults in the world are overweight while one in five kids and adolescents, globally, are overweight.

Safe to say all of this points to ill-health and a lack of exercising. Socially, while big bellies are often seen as a sign of true manhood and financial success, they carry a lot of health hazards.

According to Better Me magazine, there are different types of bellies that come with their own characteristics, namely:

1. Stress belly

Such a stomach, as the name implies, appears due to stress. This happens because stress raises cortisol levels, and long-term elevated levels are closely associated with the risk of obesity.

2. Hormonal belly

If your belly feels like a cushion on each side, this means you have a hormonal failure. There are many hormonal changes that can lead to weight gain, from hypothyroidism to PCOS.

3. Bloated belly

This appears because of a bad diet or intolerance of some foods and allergies. As a rule, the stomach is flat in the morning but appears in the afternoon because there are too many gases in the intestine, so indigestion occurs. The best idea is to start exercising.

4. Alcohol belly

If you drink a lot of beer, you can have such a belly. Your task is to limit alcohol consumption and eat more fruit and vegetables.

5. Mommy belly

If you have such, then you have given birth to a child not so long ago. This may actually be a serious health condition called diastasis recti. Many mums experience it, and it causes other health problems such as urinary and stress incontinence as well as digestion issues.

-daily sun

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