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What should we do with his music? #SurvivingRKelly

What should we do with his music? #SurvivingRKelly. In the American context, that entertainment fraction of that industry has been set abuzz with prominent and revered celebrities have been brought to the book regarding serious s.e.xual abuse allegations.

S.e.xual harassment is a phenomenon that has always been prevalent in the working environment.

However in recent times, many have witnessed how it has been on such a rampage that, it forces employers to swiftly take action when such an unfortunate incident has befallen an employee. The entertainment industry as a whole has gained an armpit reputation for inappropriate acts of s.e.xual nature.

R. Kelly

These well personalities include Bill Cosby, Russel Simmons, Mike Tyson, Kobe Byrant, Harvey Weinstein and the late Michael Jackson.

Currently, the world has its eyes on another revered and prominent revered public figure- R. Kelly. The multiple award-winning musician is probably facing the biggest scandal in his professional life, as an array of women have come forward with claims of being s.e.xually abused by him.


The #SurvivingRKelly documentary has been the talk of the town most recently, and it wasn’t long until it hit our shores in South Africa. The streets of Twitter were buzzing as it landed on the number one trending spot.

The South African entertainment industry hasn’t been spared of these sort of scandals as in recent times, there was an outrage towards the “King of Kwaito”, Arthur Mafokate as allegations of various forms of abuse have been levelled up against him.

Arthur MafokateCelebrities such as Lasizwe and Nomzamo Mbatha have received backlash by merely posing for a picture with Arthur.

Another prominent media personality, Penny Lebyane has bravely spoken out against the entertainment industry being too quiet about Arthur’s questionable ways. She even went as far as stating that there is a whole lot of “Arthurs” in the entertainment industry.

Below are just some of the comments from Twitter. Clearly, the #SurvivingRKelly hit a nerve with some South African Tweeps.


Source: ZAlebs