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WC EFF wants farmer who allegedly set dog on female farm worker arrested

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The EFF in the Western Cape has called for the arrest of a farmer who allegedly set his dog on his employee.

The farmworker sustained serious injuries.

The incident took place on 20 November on a farm in Worcester, the party claimed in a statement.

It added the woman was allegedly fifth person to have suffered the same fate.

“It is deeply troubling that a farmer would set his dog on a defenceless woman and watch while the dog tears her muscles apart. One can’t begin to imagine the pain and trauma that the victim of this horrendous act must have undergone while her perpetrator watched her cry for help.

“As the EFF Western Cape, we are of the view that this inhumane treatment of farmworkers by white farmers is a microcosm and a reflection of what the majority of farmworkers experience on farms.

“… how long will our people suffer in this manner?” the party asked.

On 18 December, EFF representatives in the province visited the farm.

The party claimed it had established the farmer treated workers like animals and subjected them to all sorts of inhumane treatment.

The EFF accused the farmer of confining his workers in spaces where they live in structures without basic amenities, including water and toilets.

“Human rights of farmworkers are violated on a daily basis by farmers who violate labour laws with impunity. Enough is enough and a case has been opened against the farmer and has also been reported to the SA Human Rights Commission [SAHRC]. We call on law enforcement to do their work and for the law to take its course.

“We call on the farmer to be arrested immediately and face the long arm of the law. He must also be held accountable for inhumane treatment of workers on his farm. The EFF as a party will assist the affected family to seek huge cost of compensation,” the EFF said.

The party called on the SAHRC, Legal Aid Board and internal legal organizations to work together to assist the victim in getting justice.

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed a case of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm had been opened at the Worcester police station.

Van Wyk said the police have not yet arrested a suspect.

Meanwhile, the SAHRC could not confirm if a complaint had been registered with it by the EFF.

-The Citizen

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