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Ways South Africans can help the hospitality industry during the Covid-19 storm


With everyone being urged to #staysafe and #stayhome, those who rely on the hospitality sector to survive have been left to wonder what their industry will look like on the other side, and if it would even still be standing when the corona dust settles.

Some have taken to lobbying government and others have participated in public demonstrations. One may ask, with jobs on the line, how can South Africans support the industry during the pandemic?

Well, Shaun Lamont, the managing director of First Group Hotel and Resorts, believes the smallest of gestures could potentially help the industry stay open.

Here are some of his suggestions:

Book now, travel later

If you can, take advantage of the fabulous specials that many hotels and resorts are offering to guests who book and pay in advance. Plus, you can secure your 2021 travel at a great rate for a later date.

Take a day trip

Support your local resorts by making use of their facilities like the health spa, golf course or restaurant if they’re open. You will not only be making a difference, but you will also reap the benefits of some much-needed R&R away from home.

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Give them a shout out on social media

Don’t underestimate the power of your support by sharing, liking and following your favourite holiday destinations on social media. This does not cost you anything, but your time.

By following their pages, you’ll also be the first to know about their great offers, and you’ll be able to share these specials deals with your network. Finally, if you’ve had a great experience in the past, take the time to write an awesome review on their page.

Be kind

Tourism has had a rough ride, so if possible, don’t haggle for a better deal. Also, be kind to the staff when you do visit their establishments, or make use of their services. Remember, they’re under huge pressure to ensure you have a great time, regardless of the strict new measures they’ve had to put in place.

Buy a voucher for friends and family

Think outside the box when it comes to gifts this year, and buy experiences rather than things. Why not consider an accommodation, meal or spa voucher, which can be used in many instances over the next year or two?