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Orange Farm residents continue to battle water shortages

Residents in Orange Farm south of Joburg may be heading into a waterless weekend as Joburg Water carries out repairs on a pipeline in the area.

Last week the water utility said that one of the pipelines was leaking, and they would need special parts to repair it.

It said the leak was causing the prolonged water outages in the area and that it would supply water tankers to the area in the meantime.

But some residents said they haven’t had access to any of the alternative water supply for 10 days now, while Johannesburg Water is unable to confirm a restoration date.

The water utility discovered a pipeline in extension two of the area that had several leaks that it needed to investigate before repairs could begin.

Some residents said that the lack of water has brought their daily lives to a complete standstill.

“We are now going on a second week without water, and it has been a nightmare for the most part.”

Johannesburg Water said that it would continue to provide roaming water tankers to the area until restoration is completed.


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