Mayeni just wants Musa Mseleku to herself on #Uthandonesthembu

Uthando Nesthembu fans were emotional on Thursday night after Ma Yeni got candid about her relationship with Musa, saying at first she thought it would be just the two of them against the world. Ma Yeni has been with Musa for years, but the couple celebrated their wedding in this week’s episode of the hit reality show.

And when Ma spoke at the wedding, Twitter shook, especially when she said that in the beginning it was supposed to be just her and Musa.


The pair had been dating before the businessman married any of his other wives and fans were sure that if Ma Yeni had officially become the first wife, she would not have allowed Musa to take other wives.

MaYeni Mseleku's Wedding

They also pointed to her threat to take her children and leave if Musa took a fifth wife, and her allegedly being frosty when her hubby took a fourth wife.


While Musa’s relationship with Sne is improving slowly, it was Ma Yeni and her comments that had the social media streets DEEP in their feels.

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Source: Timeslive