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Come back home, this meal is waiting for you – Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi

Faith is slowly and steadily becoming one of our national treasures. The pictures she posts on her Instagram are just too much. They are saucy, hot and lit. Faith has always looked good and whenever she wears clothes she rocks in them this is why she is still one of the hottest Instagram babes in Mzansi. Started as a socialite and rose her way up until she reached her goals.

Faith Nketsi's see-through Shirt

She has that thing that will always make you choose her no matter who else is around. This is why we are making her our Stunning girl and we love it when she shares new pictures on her Instagram account. And as always its fire all the way.

Faith Nketsi

Talk about curves in the right places, the bootylicious Faith Nketsi does love to show us the effects of her workouts. It inspires us all to see that she looks more than amazing every day and thanks to the amazing training. With her friend Kim Kholiwe, they made a huge impact and we have to respect them for that.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi explains why she has been not on social media for a month. If you are one of her followers you would have noticed that she hadn’t posted anything for almost a month now, especially on her Instagram account.Faith Nketsi

The star has revealed the reason for that absence in her new posts.

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Lethabo Molotsi

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