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Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev hospitalised after bike accident

Nina Dobrev has been hospitalised after a bike accident that left her with a cast on her leg and a neck brace. The Canadian actress, who is in a relationship with professional snowboarder Shaun White, 37, is known for her daredevil behaviour in outdoor sports. Dobrev, 35, took things to the next level over the weekend after riding a mini motorcycle, reports The Sun.

Things ended poorly, as the Vampire Diaries star shared photos from the hospital shortly after. The actress was pictured lying in a hospital gown while hooked up to an IV.

Her left leg was in a cast, and she had a neck brace from her collarbone to her chin. She also included a photo in the carousel from shortly before the accident.

In it, the TV star posed on the small black motorcycle in a matching black set consisting of shorts, a top, and a sweater, all with white stripes along the hems.

Dobrev paired the outfit with white socks and sneakers and added brown sunglasses to top it off. The actress smiled for the camera, showing off her classic brunette hair and bangs.

The Love Hard star didn’t appear to be wearing a helmet in the pre-accident photo. She captioned her post, “How it started vs how it’s going,” with an injured emoji.

Source: People

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