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Former diplomat slams conduct of US ambassador

Former ambassador and risk analyst Dr Kingsly Makhubela has slammed the US ambassador to South Africa for not using diplomatic channels when accusing Pretoria of supplying Russia with arms.

US Ambassador to South Africa, Reuben Brigety, has apologized to Pretoria after accusing the country of selling weapons to Russia.

DIRCO says Brigety admitted that he crossed the line by failing to follow set diplomatic channels to communicate his country’s concerns.

“I really tend to think that the ambassador has behaved in a manner that does not befit that stature of an ambassador,” Makhubela said.

“Two months ago, he used unpalatable language to describe the Minister of Defence on this matter.

“I think as an ambassador credited to South Africa, he ought to use a much better language when interacting with his hosts.”

Makhubela said Brigety runs the risk of getting a lot of criticism from South Africans.

“He needs to be above all the political divides that are playing themselves in the country.

“I think as an ambassador credited to the court here, he ought to have dealt with this matter differently.”

Source: eNCA

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Chief Azwindini Mukwevho

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