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An undersea internet cable critical to SA’s global connections just broke again

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The West African Cable System (Wacs) is broken again. The South African National Research & Education Network, a major user of the cable, detected the break just before midnight. Its network was stable, thanks to two other undersea cables that could take the load…

… but the network warned that those working from home, using internet service providers (ISPs) without access to such other cables could see a speed impact.

The break is reportedly on a section of cable between England and Portugal.

A previous break in the same cable, earlier this year, was apparently caused by a short circuit due to intense pressure from being trapped under heavy sediment carried by the flow of turbulent waters from the Congo River into the submarine canyon where the cable runs.

In a freak coincidence that previous break, in January, coincided with a break in a second undersea cable critical to South Africa’s global internet connections, the South Atlantic 3/West Africa (SAT-3/Wasc) cable.

Mid to late morning on Saturday, several ISPs said their customers were experiencing increased latency and poor speeds because of the break.

ISPs that said they were aware of such issues for all or part of their customer bases included Afrihost, Axxess, Cool Ideas, MWeb, and RSAWeb.

This is a developing story…

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Source: Business Insider