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Unathi: I crush on myself, when people say Unathi uyazithanda, my rhetoric is always KAKHULU


I crush on myself, when people say Unathi uyazithanda, my rhetoric is always KAKHULU. The mother of music to my opinion and I’m sure many of you will agree with me. She is showing us or rather teaching us self-love in the above statement. So many times people look down upon themselves and downgrade their thinking which leads to less self-confidence which leads to living a miserable life full of regrets.

But what is Unathi saying here? She is saying lets rise lets be more positive. Let’s be happy. You know a lot of people might want to call it pride but to me, l would like to see it as encouragement. If you don’t tell yourself that you are special, you are beautiful, you are wonderful no one will tell you that and you actually believe it. It all starts with you, your inner self. If you start to believe within you then what people say about you might even start to kick in.

Unathi is such a strong character that truly resembles the above statement. This is why today we are taking our time to celebrate here as we make her our #ThrowBackThursday crush. The singer/SA Idols judge is one of the most people l strongly believe make a difference in so many people’s lives. Her energy, vines are just on another level.



When people say ‘Unathi uyazithanda.’ My rhetoric is always ‘KAKHULU’ I crush on myself ALL the time. I’m allowed to mos neh #WCW

#MOOD DEMMET……..Having so many heartwarming convo’s from ALL over the world….DON’T lose HOPE. #MotivationalMonday This too shall pass🙏🏾💋 @womenshealthmagsa 2018 #CoverGirl


Still body goals❤️🙋🏾‍♀️SBWL iholiday ezandinxibisa njena kule lockdown😩Hmkay ke

Source – MbareTimes

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