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Photos: Inside the celebration of crying UKZN student who could not afford graduation suit

In a heartwarming development, the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) student, who could not afford a suit for his graduation, recently celebrated with his family after landing a dream job.

Dumisani Ngobese

Dumisani Ngobese touched the hearts of many South Africans when a video of him crying during his graduation went viral on social media.

Dumisani Ngobese

The determined 23-year-old UKZN student left many people teary-eyed when it was revealed that he could not afford to buy a suit for his graduation.

Dumisani Ngobese

Instead, he wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a black golf shirt when he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the institution’s Westville Campus last Friday.

Dumisani Ngobese

However, Dumisani’s graduation ended in tears of joy after Durban businessman Calvin Mathibeli offered him a permanent job less than 24 hours after the graduation ceremony.

Dumisani Ngobese’s story so moved the businessman that in addition to the job, he also offered him full funding for his Honours degree studies which he is pursuing at UKZN.

Calvin Mathibeli told News24,

“I created a position in my office where he will be working close to me in [the] form of mentorship.”

“His character alone made me have an interest in helping him. Some people want sympathy but when I spoke to him, I learnt he didn’t want that, but is self-driven regardless of circumstances around him.”

“Someone as young him with such a character needs our support. I always assist people when I see potential because I believe in raw talent.”

Dumisani Ngobese

Following this huge win, Dumisani held a belated graduation party with his family, and this time he was dorning a brand new suit.

Below are some of the pictures of Dumisani celebrating his graduation with his family.

At his graduation, Dumisani cried as he reflected on the “long and difficult journey” that culminated in the glorious day.

Dumisani Ngobese

UKZN said the student was raised by his grandmother under harsh conditions in Bhukanana, a rural tract outside eMpangeni.

My grandmother was a street vendor and the sole breadwinner in the house with over ten children.

It would be expected that Dumisani’s granny would want to witness her grandson’s big day, having played a significant role in it becoming a reality. She, however, could not make it due to bad health.

It was going to be difficult for her because she is not well and she would have had to take about three taxis to get here. But my mother and my aunt were present at the graduation.

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