New study reveals unbelievable details about men with big pen!ses

A lot is often said about how big a man’s 4-5 is, or should be. We even to a large extent measure manhood by the size of a man’s 4-5. This, according to experts, has led to s.e.xual issues such as weak erect!ons and low s.e.x drive and esteem.

For a man to have great s.e.x and please a woman, he ought to have a big tool, right?

Well, according to the latest African study, that seems to not be the case.

A new study out of Kenya found that husbands with larger 4-5s were more likely to be cheated on by their wives.

In the study published this month in PLOS One journal, researchers interviewed 545 married couples in Kenya in order to better understand their relationship habits and, more specifically, to identify factors which contributed to women having extramarital affairs.

Researchers asked both partners to self-report the male’s erect 4-5 size.

Then, if there were differences between the estimates, they either took the average of the two or went with the estimate from the partner who was less likely to lie.

“Every one inch longer 4-5 increased the likelihood of women being involved in extramarital partnerships by almost one and a half times,” the researchers wrote.

Women associated large 4-5s with pain and discomfort during s.e.x, which precludes the enjoyment and s.e.xual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel.

According to the study, 6,2% of the 545 females had affairs during the six-month study.

Other factors that increased the likelihood of women straying outside the marriage included domestic violence, being denied s.e.x, or denied their preferred s.e.xual position, being under the age of 25, and a lack of s.e.xual satisfaction.

-daily sun

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