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Twitter reacts to Skeem Saam’s Alexos connections, he may even know where we live


Alexo has been haunting fans of the show ever since Kwaito first mentioned him several weeks ago. He has been making life difficult for poor Zamo and several others ever since. The social media streets switched into paranoid mode on Tuesday night after Skeem Saam’s Alexo pulled up on screens and scared the heck out of everyone.


There was a bit of relief after he was arrested when showing up at Kwaito’s house, but after he threatened officer Petersen with some info about his son Katlego, the masses were convinced he and Rhythm City’s David Gennaro were in the same WhatsApp group.




The streets were not so sure that Alexo would give himself up just like that, and thought the dude totally has a twin that he is using to deceive everyone.



In fact, people were so touched they even thought he might be watching them. So, be careful what you say about him, fam.



Source: Times Live