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Twitter launches a new feature that lets you soft-block users

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that allows users to remove followers without blocking them. After being tested in early September, the “soft block” feature is now available through Twitter’s web interface.

Removing a follower will hide your tweets from their feed and stop them from receiving notifications when you make a post. Twitter said the feature would make it easier for users to curate their follower lists.

It should also reduce harassment, trolling, and online abuse by malicious users.

To remove a follower, users can follow these steps:
Open your profile
Select “Followers”
Click the three-dot icon to the right of the follower’s name
Select “Remove this follower”

The feature is one of several Twitter has been testing that is aimed at making its platform more conducive to healthy conversations.

Twitter has become infamous for hosting fiery debates, particularly between celebrities and politicians, often turning into senseless insulting and name-calling.

Recently, it started showing users prompts that warn them if they are about to enter a discussion that could get heated or intense.

The warning includes pointers on keeping replies cordial and respectful, with Twitter encouraging users to “look out for each other”.

Many of the debates on the platform are also centred around, or based on, inflammatory misinformation.

To address this, Twitter has started testing a reporting function in certain countries for posts deemed to be “misleading”.

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