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Tweeps show no remorse as Norma Gigaba is served a full plate of karma

Norma and Malusi Gigaba

Former Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba finds himself in trouble with his wife after yet another scandal emerged.

According to trending news, Norma smashed Malusi’s Mercedes Benz G-63 Wagon after finding out about his infidelity. There is a video circulating on social media of a damaged car, there is someone in the shadows and does not clearly show if this in Malusi Gigaba.

Norma and Malusi Gigaba


Although nothing has been confirmed, rumour has it that Malusi who once cheated with Instagram model Buhle Mkhize is cheating once again with someone else. His wife Norma is clearly not in a forgiving spirit this time.

Whether this is true or not, tweeps are not feeling any remorse for Norma. Since Malusi was not single when he met Norma, many feel karma is finally knocking on her door. Check out what some tweep had to say on the matter.