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Transgender teen spends thousands on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Meet the most dedicated Kim Kardashian clone.

A transgender superfan of the buxom reality TV star has reportedly shelled out more than $100,000 to look like her favorite celebrity — and now she’s on the hunt for her own Kanye West.

“I think Kim Kardashian is absolutely stunning, she is gorgeous,” Thalia Almodovar, 28, told Barcroft TV. “I love the shape of her body. I think she is beautiful and I admire what she has accomplished.”
The New York City beauty said she’s frequently mistaken for her idol after she got butt enhancement surgery and breast implants in 2009 and spent nearly $31,000 to match Kim K.’s wardrobe.

Kim Kardashian

Almodovar, who was born male but started transitioning in high school, said she “embraced” the new attention from people confusing her with the famous “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star.

“I would get preferential treatment in clubs and restaurants. Walking down the street people would mob me for selfies. It was incredible,” she said.
She had fat transferred from liposuction to form her now-voluptuous bottom and uses a mobile app to find the best places to buy outfits similar to Kardashian’s.

“Everything about Kim’s attitude really resonates with me,” she said. “I love my life, and I love being mistaken for Kim.”


But being the carbon copy of the curvy socialite has its flaws. Men often can’t see past their own obsessions with Kim, Almodovar said.
Sometimes I am just not in the mood when guys just want to talk to me because I look like Kim without getting to know me,” she said. “That annoys me.”

“I had this guy that dated me only because he had an obsession with Kim and he thought that I look like her,” she added. “It was like almost a fantasy.”
But Almodovar is still holding out hope her Yeezy is just on the horizon.

“I’m single now so I’m on the lookout for my own Kanye,” she said.

Source: TMZ

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