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Video: Big alligator invades Soccer team’s training session

It first started by freaking the hell out of all the Toronto FC players while in training.

Could be it be witchcraft, is it sent by one of the strongest inyangas, or is it here to kill any of us?

Many questions went without answers.

But the players, in Florida, accepted that the astray alligator that invaded their training session was harmless and was not baying for anybody’s blood.

And some could be heard on the video as saying this is the first time that they’ve seen an alligator in real life, not on TV or on movies.

Realizing that it was coming from the nearby bushes, the Toronto FC technical team welcomed the animal that is in the crocodile family.

The players even went for selfies with the nature while club accepted that they have agreed to terms with the alligator.

Others called it an “Invading Alli”.

“Guys didn’t get the memo about closed training Crocodile. Gator Country,” club hilariously wrote on social media.

In fact, it could have brought BAD LUCK to the Major Soccer League (MSL) club as they lost their Concacaf final quarter-final match against Cruz Azul 3-1.

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