Meaning of top teeth gap

What does Anele Mdoda, Michael Strahan, Anthony Anderson and Uzo Aduba have in common?

Besides all of them being global superstars, these stars have a special trademark – a gap between their upper middle teeth.

Those abreast with their medical jargon will quickly remind us of Diastema, which refers to a gap or space between the teeth.

These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but are sometimes noticeable between the two upper front teeth.

This condition affects both adults and children.

Despite the condition, astrologers attribute the gap on the upper-middle teeth as a sign of intelligence and fortune.

According to astrologers, the gap between front teeth is a sign of fortune.

So, if you have two upper teeth far enough to let the tongue slightly protrude between them, count yourself lucky.

An Indian study in human traits further affirms this by stating that people with a gap between their teeth are creative, confident, and are good with money.

-daily sun

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