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Mrs SA 2021 Thenji Mdluli speaks on her modelling journey

MRS World South Africa Thenji Mdluli has spoken about her journey on Mrs World.

The international beauty pageant was held in Las Vegas, United States of America on Saturday, 15 January and Thenji were representing Mzansi.

The Mrs SA 2021 winner left for the pageant last week and has been since sharing pictures and videos from her journey on social media.

Unfortunately, she didn’t win but she said although she was heartbroken, she is grateful for the opportunity. Thenji said she enjoyed herself in Las Vegas and met great people.

“Sometimes change and growth are painful but what’s more painful is remaining in a comfort zone and not taking a chance. This week has been the wildest ride of my life. I had no idea it was possible to learn, evolve and thrive so much in such a short period,” she wrote.

“Last night, I was heartbroken to not have been placed but when I woke up this morning my perspective had changed. I’m so proud that I came as myself and I did not compromise. I’m grateful for this experience. I met amazing queens who expanded my view of the world and I’ve made such real connections that transcend borders and that for me is priceless.”

Her comment section was filled with love from her followers and Mrs South Africa 2022 Jo Judnick-Wilson.

During her week in Entertainment Capital of the World, she shared updates from her arrival to meeting the other wives, rehearsals, meeting with the other wives, touring the city, the gift exchange ceremony and her interview.


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