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Thembisile Ntaka speaks about her new venture

Singer Thembisile Ntaka of Coca-Cola Popstars Adilah’s fame has revealed she’s started a clean slate and ventured into production.  Thembisile, who had deleted all her Instagram images, took to Instagram recently revealing she had been working tirelessly on expanding her brand and found Thembisile Ntaka Productions as the perfect fit.

Hereby I am starting over on Instagram, as you can see. I have been working behind the scenes to create a new vision for my brand, my company, my career. A new path to unfold. Circumstances created a new perspective on a lot of things in my life. These changing times worldwide also contributed to a deeper introspection,” she wrote.

Thembisile Ntaka

I am sure a lot of you relate to that. Even though it has been challenging for a lot of us, and to some it might still be, we have to keep moving forward and rising above. That is why today I am proudly presenting my first creation into the new phase of my profession as an artist. A brand new image! Literally”

It’s a dream come true for the singer and achieving this milestone has motivated her to keep achieving her goals.

Thembisile Ntaka

“I have been working hard to get where I am today and I will continue to work hard towards all the things I still want to achieve. As said before: New days, new ways. Let’s get to work! I am ready for the next chapter in my career! Looking forward to see you somewhere at one of my performances!

Source: Timeslive

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Dawn Thandeka King

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