Showmax telenovela The Wife leaves Mzansi begging for more

The much-anticipated Showmax telenovela The Wife has finally premiered, and fans are loving it.

Although the series is slightly different from the popular book series by Dudu Busani-Dube, fans are enjoying the show and already asking for more.

Reacting to the first episode, they were very impressed.

Gugu Mlotswa said: “Whoever cast Nkosana on The Wife knew what they were doing! Also, this actor is absolutely killing the role.”

Kelebogile said the fact that the show was unpredictable made it interesting.

“You know what I like? We know all the events that will unfold, but we can’t predict how. The show is not obvious – and that’s what makes it so interesting.”

Nhlanhla said when reading the book, she did not like one Zulu brother Mqhele, but watching the series changed her mind.

“I did not like Mqhele in the book but on screen, hayibo ndaze nda weak! That kissing scene, Bawo,” she wrote.

Some readers were not impressed by the telenovela as it took a different approach to the book in the storyline, but they were quickly put in their place by fans of the show.

Lerato said: “I am at a point where I want to block/mute everyone who says they are upset the series is different from the book. Bathong, would we still watch it if there was no element of surprise? Dudu said the series was inspired by the characters and events.”

The Wife is being produced by Stained Glass, and Showmax has commissioned three seasons with 40 episodes each. It will be airing three episodes every week


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