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The Ranaka sisters reunite this holiday season after a year of not speaking to one another

Every holiday season is family time for the Ranakas, a time to rest and bond. The family gets together with extended family members, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This year, however, they are keeping the celebrations small, with their parents; Nonceba and Kgotlaesele Ranaka, siblings, Manaka, Dineo, Mpumi, Ziggy, Ranaka, Mzingisi, and the grandchildren. “We didn’t plan too much this year,” Manaka tells ZiMoja. “We never really plan or know until the last minute. But before we even had kids, there used to be this routine of us meeting at a rakgadi’s sbani bani’s house or our house. Everybody would bring food and drinks and we would share. When we had kids, we continued for a bit. But now that we are older and extremely busy with kids, we would rather just keep it to immediate family,” Manaka said

Ranaka’s sisters

Although the Ranaka sisters Dineo, Mpumi, and Manaka often appear to be a united force and unshaken, they also deal with their issues as siblings. “We fight and we are not pretentious towards one another. This year has tested our bond,” Mpumi said. In November, Manaka and Mpumi revealed to ZiMoja that they were not talking for a year. “Four of us were not talking. I won’t elaborate as to why. This was so huge for us. But the way it worked itself out is important to me.

Ranaka sisters

It means we get to have a good festive season together,” Manaka said. “This time of the year is all about relaxation, and bonding as a family but also about making extra money through gigs, appearances, and hosting, and what a great time to do this with us as a family being in a happy place and on speaking terms,” Manaka added. Mpumi said it would have been sad for her to get married, which is something that is happening soon without her sisters being there. The sisters have since reunited at their father’s 80th birthday lunch at a lodge outside of Johannesburg. “We can’t pretend. We had just started talking slightly after a year of not speaking because of our dad. ” Yes, there are some unresolved issues, but we love each other and we are siblings.” The sisters say it’s tough being in the limelight and still dealing with personal issues.

Ranaka’s sisters

This year, Manaka turned 43 and says the year was all about self-awareness and she felt re-awakened. “I survived COVID-19, everything started there for me,” she says. “It’s like turning 40. When I turned 40, it almost felt like a revelation and a rebirth had happened inside of me. It was self-realisation. I am feeling the same way about 2023,? she says. “I think now I have the guts to go for anything I want whether it be mjolo, if it doesn’t work, I’m onto the next one. I’m going for my dreams, and everything.

She says, 2023 was a year of awakening and 2024 will be a year of action. “In 2023 learned never to go back, onward we go. Never to go back to past relationships I was in. I’m a giver, and that will not change. I am not just talking about mjolo, but about everything, business, work, friendships relationships. This year, lessons were learned. I have that sundiqhela kak’bi energy now.” In 2024, Manaka hopes to be better than the year that was. “I just want to do better and be better. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t put pressure on myself and I fear depression. This year I tried and that is what I plan to do in the year 2024.

Source: Zimoja

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