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From testing for HIV to tightening her pun@ni: 4 moments Zodwa Wabantu left Mzansi in shock

If there’s one thing that media personality Zodwa Wabantu never fails to do is to leave Mzansi shocked. The media personality, who is also in the eggs and poultry business, recently shared that she is running a competition.

According to the star, if you buy three or more trays of her eggs, you stand a chance to welcome her into your own home and have her over for breakfast.

The announcement got a lot of her fans questioning the competition, while some laughed and said they love Zodwa’s entrepreneurial skills and spirit.

Following this, the publication has compiled a list of the many times the reality TV star left Mzansi shocked.

1. Pun@ni tightening

Zodwa has had two pun@ni tightening surgeries, and has documented both these occasions. She did the second surgery right after she broke up with her boyfriend last year. On the day of the procedure, in the video Zodwa can be heard telling the doctor to make it very tight.

Speaking on why she does these procedures, Zodwa said she is doing it for her own satisfaction.

2. Boyfriend pen!s enlargement

Zodwa took her current boyfriend to do a pen!s enlargement procedure and as usual, it was documented and also shared on social media.

She told the People’s Paper that her boyfriend sometimes ejaculates early and so they collectively decided to visit the doctor so that they can sort out the issue as it was affecting them in the bedroom.

Speaking on the backlash that she received, Zodwa said she doesn’t care what people say.

“In everything I do, people will talk. So, I have decided to stop pleasing people and focus on pleasing myself,” she said.

3. Zodwa takes an HIV test

Last year, Zodwa shocked Mzansi by sharing the results of an HIV test she took.

She shared pictures of the results, which left many confused as one test device had a positive result, while the other had a negative result.

Zodwa spoke to the publication about why she made the results public.

“I decided to publicize my results because I want to teach people about taking care of themselves and their health. I’m always talking about s.e.x and how much I love it. It recently dawned on me that I must not only talk about it, but I should also teach people about safe s.e.x and taking care of their health,” she said.

4. Zodwa in hot water with SARS

Earlier this year Zodwa found herself targeted by SARS following the announcement that she had bought herself a Lamborghini.

Politician Kenny Kunene exclusively revealed to the People’s Paper that after being targeted by SARS, Zodwa decided to not buy the car.

“It is sad that in this country you can’t freely celebrate getting yourself anything without anyone hovering around you,” he said.

But SARS denied targeting people based on what they post on their social media platforms.

Its media executive Sephati Sibeko said: “The law doesn’t allow us to comment on people’s personal tax matters as they are confidential. SARS doesn’t target anyone based on social media posts. I do not know the facts of this matter but I can assure you that it does not happen after someone buys a car and posts it on social media that they would get a call from SARS. There are processes of compliance that need to be followed, which tells us who is paying tax and who is not, without specifically targeting anyone.”

-daily sun

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