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Zodwa Wabantu opens up on her love for big pen!s after being disappointed by Ben 10s

Media personality Zodwa Wabantu recently pulled another shocker.

The talented media personality who recently revealed she no longer date Ben 10s took her boyfriend to the doctor for a pen!s enlargement at Herrwood Medical Centre, the same doctor who did her virg!nal tightening surgery years back.

“This was not my decision alone. We sat down as a couple and spoke about this because being open with one another solves a lot of problems in a relationship.

We have realized that doing this can eliminate problems such as cheating because when one is not s.e.xually satisfied, they end up looking elsewhere.

“My boyfriend ejaculates fast, sometimes the erection is not strong enough and the penis is not the right size that I desire, so we decided to go and seek assistance because it will help us both to be fully satisfied and happy,” she said.

Zodwa who received a lot of backlashes when she shared the video of her taking her boyfriend to the doctor said she does not care what people say.

“In everything I do, people will talk. So I have decided to stop pleasing people and focus on pleasing myself. I know by doing this with my partner, we will both get the s.e.xual pleasure we desire. I also wanted to show people that such problems can affect anyone, even the celebrities they look up to can face such and they should not be afraid to stand up for themselves and seek the help they require,” she said.

Zodwa who set tongues wagging a few years back when she went to get her punani tightened said she will go for the procedure again soon.

“When I feel like things are no longer the same, I will definitely go back and do the procedure, because I am fan of taking care of my body, as it is the only body that I have,” she said.

-daily sun

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