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Al Jama-Ah blasts News24 for linking Muslims to possible terrorist attack in Joburg

The Al Jamah-Ah party said it’s disappointed in media group News24 for linking Muslims to the reported possible terror attack in Sandton this weekend.

The US Embassy issued a warning earlier this week, but the South African government dismissed the threat.

The party said News24 implied that Muslims were opposed to the gay pride event that will be hosted in Sandton over the weekend.

The headline reads: ‘Gay pride, comedy show, potential targets of Islamic state terror attack in Sandton’.

The party said although Islam’s theological views disagreed with queer people’s gender identity and sexual orientation, Muslims could not be linked to the Sandton terror attack.

The party said the News24’s headline is disgusting.

The party president Ganief Hendricks said although they don’t support people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, intersex, and queer/questioning community – they respect the Constitution.

Hendricks said the publication is Islamophobic.


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Nomzamo Mbatha

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