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Tender beneficiary testifies about ANC donations #StateCaptureInquiry


Is it quid pro quo, or just philanthropy? The state capture inquiry has heard how a slew of ANC bigwigs and the party itself received millions in donations and payments from Edwin Sodi.

He’s the director of Blackhead Consulting, the company that jointly won the 2014 Free State asbestos project tender.

Despite not being an ANC member, it appears the party supports him right back.

The majority of his company’s work comes from government tenders. Blackhead has had over R1-billion in turnover every year for a decade.

Raymond Zondo

Between March 2013 and March 2019, an analysis of Blackhead Consulting’s bank statements reveals some interesting payments

In 2015, a year after getting the asbestos tender, Sodi paid R650,000 towards the purchase of a property the Free State Human Settlements HOD lives in.

“Someone looking at it might say, hold on man, this is questionable,” Sodi told the commission.
“And I admit it may look questionable, but certainly it was never the intention.”

Sodi says anyone linking donations to the ruling party and repeat government business is mistaken.

“The fact that a lot of the work that I get is from government, I find that a bit overreaching to create the link between my donations to the ANC and the work that we get. I think it’s overreaching. The inquiry resumes on Thursday.

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