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Video of Tembisa 10 Side chick exposed by real wife confirms it all

The Tembisa 10 mother is the side chick, the wife confirmed it. According to his wife his husband is a cheater and an irresponsible father, Tebogo’s wife is not the mother of 10. The mother is a side chick Tebogo’s side chick his wife Sibongile find out about this when she came back after visiting her home to find the two together sleeping in their home(allegedly)

Tebogo then proceeded to kick his wife out of the house and told her she couldn’t come in because of the had a visitor. This was all in the presence of their three children, who along with their mother were locked outside the house.

When the wife found out about the side chick, she was already pregnant and with more than one child. Sibongile also said that this has led to the crumbling of her marriage and their always fighting, and they fight in front of their children and their kids are traumatized and drop out of school as a result.

In Other News: Media personality Pearl Modiadie exposes H0RNY Metro FM boss

S.e.xual harassment in the work place is a crime that many women have sadly suffered, mostly due to power dynamics where a senior staff member takes advantage of his subordinate. Many women are afraid to speak out because they are threatened with losing their jobs and potentially never working in their industry again.

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One woman who is speaking out is TV and radio personality Pearl Modiadie who has come out to reveal that she was ..learn more

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